Wordster is a word builder game which are popular for helping kids recognize words. In searching for words, the kids read and memorize the words in a way that they enjoy and which helps them learn the words and their spelling. Wordster is a free online game. The technology for Wordster game is shared with a very vast dictionary of beginner and advanced words. In this game you are given a forest theme. You get letters carved on pieces of stones from which you have to make words. You have a limited amount of time available so that you start thinking quickly and learn to think under stressed and difficult situations. To prevent the time from running out you have to be quick at making new words which gets you more leverage on time. You are also rewarded with a score based on the length of the word- the bigger the word, the bigger the score. Would you let this bee help you make your vocabulary better? In this mysterious forest pick up the stones with letters on it and make as many words as you can before the timer runs out. Play Wordster, an amazing kids game online here and learn new words the fun way.


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