Dragon Draft

Did you know the draft game has a history that spans thousands of years? There has been many discoveries in the ancient cities of Sumer and Egypt about similar strategy games that were played by royalty and soldiers. In ancient China, Rome and Greece, soldiers and generals used to play the draft game in order to hone their martial skills and make battle plans. Although the traditional draft game has been here for thousands of years, the online version of this game came into being in 1950 when Arthur Samuel created the first board game playing program of any kind. The scientists at the University of Alberta, have more recently in 2007 developed Chinook, a computer program that has the ability to play checkers and is the first artificial intelligence program to win the world championship title in a competition against human. Dragon Draft by Maverick Game is a multiplayer game that can be played with players from all over the world as well as against the game’s own artificial intelligence. The game provides a simultaneous analyses of all possible moves in a position as well as issue a warning on any wrong move. Click on your piece and then click on the square where you want to move your piece to make a movie. So what are you waiting for? Play this great new multiplayer game online at Dragon Draft!


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