Do The Dive

Skydiving would be so much fun in a calm and nice weather. Imagine, its like flying in the sky and the moment you jump from the plane makes it even more exciting. Do the dive is a free online adventure game which takes you across the sky, taking risks and making decisions to determine your final score. Glide your way through the sky filled with dangerous Rocky Mountains with high towers & tall coniferous trees. Pick up diamonds as you go down to score the ultimate high score. Depleting level of oxygen reduces the chances of survival, so keep collecting the oxygen bottles as you go down. Oxygen is placed in locations designed to test your diving skills to the max. Oh! And don’t forget about the angry birds who bash into you causing sudden loss of oxygen. As you go down the sky, the level increases causing more obstacles to appear and making it harder for you to survive. Your challenge is to go down and make the highest score possible. Can you reach the ground before the oxygen runs out? Can you survive this extreme adventurous job? Find out by playing this online action game!


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